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Apparently his preliminary date with me doesn't even warrant a clean shirt. It's cool by me. Hell, I'd prefer xnxx jav that he bag the Penny date entirely and stay here so we xnxx jepang could do it a couple of times. All the way up the steps he's grinning at me, and even though he grins when he says it, I know he's not kidding, "I hope you'll xnxx bokep do me a favor and brush your teeth or gargle because I can't stand cigarette breath." I'm thinking, the audacity of this kid is astounding, but I like his moxie. He xnxx barat reminds me a little of Willie. I say, "Sure boss, whatever you say and would you mind terribly if I asked you to shave? Whiskers tickle." He sits down beside me and mumbles, "No, I don't mind that you ask; and, no I won't be shaving for you, but thanks for porn xnxx brushing." He's feeling xnxx tube the short, soft hairs on his face with his fingers, adding, "Penny loves my macho look." 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It'll be fun shooting it up your ass instead of inside a condom." I need to xnxx sex grope my crotch now, and ask, "Condom?" He's keeping good eye contact and, still totally relaxed, says, "Yes, Penny wwwxnxx insists on a condom, she buys xnxx com them for me 'cause I xmxx told her I ain't tamil xnxx buying 'em. They're too friggin' embarrassing to buy, ya know?" I like to indian xnxx look at his face when he talks, he makes every word seem important, but at the same time, like I said, he's real bokep xnxx casual with everything too. I ask, "You cool doing this with me? No doubts about whether you want to do it or not?" He's like, "Oh, no! I really want jav xnxx to try it. If not with you, I got nobody else to try it with. Elliot already said no." I go, vidio xnxx "He didn't suggest that you ask me, did he?" Ray's like, "Nah. He don't even know you're bi, or gay. Which one are you anyway?" I say, "I'm straight, numbnuts. I've only messed around a few times. You know, like your friend with his brother." He looks skeptical and frankly I'm skeptical about xxnx him too. Like I said earlier, I'm thinking he tried some sex with that friend of xnxx japanese his who was diddling xnnx his little brother. I ask, "Did you and www xnxx com your xnxx japanese friend mess around at all?" Ray answers too quickly, "No, xnxx video absolutely not!" I smiled at him and he goes, "We didn't!" I say, "Sure, I believe ya. Let's go, I gotta brush my teeth." xnxx korea Ray's been in my condo before so he's familiar with the layout. He goes, "Basement or bedroom?" I nod my head toward the bedroom and bokep xnxx right then the tightening feeling in my balls happens. I get that sexy feeling xnxx indian whenever a sexy fuck buddy is about to stick it in me. 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How'd he know that though? xnxx bokep Still groping me he looks up grinning that baby face grin, "Boy, this is telugu xnxx a very different feel than doing it with Penny. You xnxx gay got a better ass for one thing. Grabbing your dick is xmxx a little weird though. I figure I should get used to it, ya xnxx video know?" As usual, he's being very matter of fact xnxx hot about this, but kind of goofily conscientious too. It's great for xxn me that he's like this: bossy, yet kinda sweet and cute too. I'm holding xnxx japan onto Ray's arm to steady myself because the longer he massages my ass and dick, the further up on my porno xnxx toes I'm going. I soon feel my dick getting hard xnxx hindi and that causes my nuts to begin churning spunk around. Then xnxx gay xnx Ray's like, xnxx sex video "Dude, you're growing wood here. Huh! You sure you're not gay?" I laughed at him indian xnxx and said, "I xnxx stories should be asking you xnxx download that!" xnxx hot Ray laughs too. 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That fat cock, then later all that spunk, are both gonna feel awful good up my ass. This is getting me all revved up so I take a quiet big breath, trying for calm nonchalance. Truth is I can't wait xxnn to suck that cock and then feel it up my ass, but I don't want to appear anxious. Ray's a real take-charge guy so he'll let me know when it's time. His entire attitude reinforces my premise that the guy doing the fucking just naturally falls into a more dominant posture telugu xnxx than the fuckee; it's just the way it is. Pulling my shirt over my head and my shorts down, xnxx telugu then stepping out of my sandals, I was naked