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Since its debut inacross episodes and 25 seasons, The Simpsons has become one of the most revered and beloved TV programmes of all time. Past this point the standard becomes a little more mixed, and recent seasons have been distinctly average at best. So many episodes have a particular line in them that make you want to include it solely for that one moment. The next challenge was then to try and actually rank them all in order. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

Here they are then, the top 50 episodes of The Simpsons. Ad — content continues below.

Bart simpson sex game

A great Homer-centric episode here which focuses on his desperate attempts to remain cool. After embarrassing Lisa and Bart on the school run with his 70s rock music, Homer begins to question how he became so out of touch. In an attempt to reconnect with his kids, he buys them all tickets to the Hullabalooza rock festival. The episode is essentially a reflective look at the inevitability of growing old and falling out of touch with modern culture.

Some of the best Simpsons episodes deal with quite serious topics and few come more serious than Homer having a massive heart attack. This is the newest episode on my list, coming from as recently as Naturally, Fox was worried that the episode might cause some controversy and the writers thus made sure to never actually show Homer smoking weed on screen.

Bart simpson sex game

The episode deserves great credit for taking a balanced approach to the issue of marijuana use with both its positive and negative effects being shown and never coming across as overly preachy on either side. Here the common man emphatically ruins everything. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! After a traditional soccer riot descends into a wave of violence, Homer decides he needs to make the family home bart simpson sex game secure.

Now while the episode does undoubtedly mock gun culture and the NRA in particular, it is far from being a stinging critique. If anything it is fairly balanced in its arguments, emphasising that while someone as dumb as Homer would easily misuse a gun and that restrictions are undoubtedly vital, they did still serve a purpose for other people.

This is the trigger, and this is the thing you point at whatever you want to die. I thought… the cop… was a prostitute. A classic episode from season three here which was also one of the first to feature Moe in a major role. The drink becomes a smash hit and Moe takes credit for its invention.

Voiced by the brilliant Phil Hartman until his untimely death, his regular reminders of where you might know him from never failed to raise a chuckle. From chimp-an-A, to chimp-an-Z. A real life feud of sorts between the Bushes and The Simpsons fuelled the idea for this episode in which the former President moves in across the road and Homer takes an instant dislike to George H. Naturally, Homer does the sensible thing and emphasises that being good at sports is vitally important and encourages them to compete passionately for their parents love.

A tender ending to the episode, even if Homer now sees them both as losers. When a cat burglar starts terrorising the residents of Springfield, Homer forms a vigilante posse to track down the assailant. Inevitably, Homer and his gang wind up causing more crime than they solve and it is actually Grandpa Simpson who solves the riddle and identifies his retirement home neighbour Molloy voiced by Sam Neill as the culprit.

Bart simpson sex game

The story involves Homer accidentally crashing the family car and then buying a snow plough as a replacement. Eventually however, their friendship proves more important than any petty rivalry as Homer realises his mistake and goes to rescues his friend. Another break from the norm here as the day-to-day lives of various Springfield residents are interwoven together in a series of short vignettes. There then follows an exchange between the pair which I imagine most Simpsons aficionados know off by heart, culminating in the following moment of brilliance as Skinner trying to explain the apparent fire in his kitchen:.

Chalmers: Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen? I absolutely love Krusty as a character, and while he has prominent roles in plenty of other great episodes, this for me is his finest 22 minutes. Bart and Lisa eventually rally Krusty and gather together his celebrity friends for a big comeback special. This was a great example of how celebrity cameos could be done to great effect when they were still used sparingly and rarely.

He eventually steals the show however with the greatest out-of-tune rendition of Send In The Clowns you will ever hear. The Simpsons has always prided itself on high quality movie references and Star Wars especially has been utilised on many occasions. The plot itself is fairly light, Homer becomes a bodyguard for Mayor Quimby and protects him from Fat Tony, but the regular sci-fi references and high quality script make the episode incredibly enjoyable. Agents Mulder and Scully guest star in the episode in which Homer has a drunken alien encounter and is then forced to gather proof in order to make the doubting townspeople believe it really happened.

After Marge uncharacteristically gets detention after burning her bra at a feminist rally, Homer immediately falls head over heels for her and embarks on a mission to win her over. It was great to see a bit of Simpsons family history, and really adds a bit of romantic depth to the saga of lovebirds Marge and Homer. Go for the dented car, the dead-end job, the less attractive girl! A fairly bonkers episode here, but nevertheless one filled with numerous big laughs. The central plot sees Homer getting fired and then ing the Naval Reserve, inexplicably also ed by Apu, Barney and Moe.

When out on War Games, Homer impresses the Captain and is left in charge of the submarine when he goes to check on a torpedo issue. One thing le to another and before you know it, Homer is in charge of a nuclear submarine and very nearly prompts a return to the Cold War. An incredibly funny episode here, but also one with a well-delivered message. The jokes come thick and fast and the conflict between Homer and Lisa works perfectly. I used to believe in things when I was a. Prior to them becoming ten a penny, there were some great Simpsons travel episodes, Bart Vs Australia and Mr.

Lisa Goes To Washington to name but two. After he gets arrested for drunk driving following a visit to the Duff brewery with Barney, Homer loses his driving licence and is asked by Marge to give up beer not deer for a month. Like many of the best Simpsons episodes, this is one which has a definite depth to it with the perils of alcoholism and addiction being a central focus.

A really sweet and heartfelt episode here which sees Lisa forming both a romantic infatuation and an intellectual bond with her new substitute teacher, Mr Bergstrom. Lisa-centric episodes can often be very hit and miss affairs as she tends to get lumbered with the more preachy bart simpson sex game focusing on serious topics, far away from the loveable idiocy of Bart and Homer. Here though the sentimentality works a treat and while the rest of her class find Bergstrom voiced of course by Dustin Hoffman to be a bit of a nerd, to Lisa he is the nurturing father figure she feels she never had.

Ahhh, the remorse of the sugar junkie. Homer is on top idiotic form as his attempts to one-up Ned Flanders serve only to put him and his raft-mates in greater danger. The sub-plot involving celebrity dad Ernest Borgnine is also excellent and the fairly random climax which sees him and the surviving Junior Campers attacked by an bart simpson sex game slasher movie-esque assailant is a welcome addition.

When Marge decides to organise a film festival in Bart simpson sex game in order to try and raise their cultural standing, several Springfield regulars decide to enter movies, including Mr Burns. Burns is in great form in this episode as he appears determined to overcome his poor public perception. This is also the episode that produced one of the most commonly used Simpsons quotes where Smithers tries to convince Mr Burns the unhappy crowd were saying Boo-urns rather than booing his shambolic movie.

Bart simpson sex game

Jiminy Jilikers. Things just never go right for poor Milhouse. Klassic Krusty. St Swythens Day. Unfortunately, Bart lets it go to his head and after showing off for his adoring public, he winds up with a broken leg. Confined to a wheelchair for the summer, he grows isolated in his bedroom and after grudgingly using the telescope he is bought to pass the time; things take a turn for the sinister.

The intense rivalry between Springfield and Shelbyville is a recurring gag throughout The Simpsons and here we learnt that the great irony is that the two towns are almost identical. Typically, one of the most memorable moments of the episode comes from Homer. Tute on, son! Tute on! The adventure into the badlands of Shelbyville is great fun, with Milhouse and his doppelganger sharing a touching realisation and Martin and Nelson proving an unlikely double act.

You came and you found me a turkey. When Mindy Michelle Pfeifferan attractive new female employee, starts work at the plant, Homer finds himself increasingly attracted to her. Poignant in parts and successful in delicately handling a tricky subject matter, this episode also has two stand-out, laugh-out-loud funny scenes.

Passed over for employee of the week yet again, this time in favour of the inanimate carbon rod, Homer is desperate to prove his worth and eagerly volunteers for the mission. The chilli tasting sequences are hysterical, with Flanders first being embarrassed in front of his sons, and then Bart simpson sex game Wiggum seemingly getting one over on Homer through his Guatemalan Insanity Peppers. Homer however comes back, candle wax covering his mouth and throat, and dutifully eats several of the peppers whole.

By the end of the episode, the show delivers a genuinely heartfelt lesson in terms of acceptance and tolerance. The unforgettable sounds of Gonna Make You Sweat Everybody Dance Now will forever remind me of this glorious visit to a gay steel mill. Few shows can tackle the thorny issue of organised religion with as much intelligence, warmth and humour as The Simpsons does here. When Homer decides to skip church one Sunday and stay at home instead, he winds up having the morning of his life.

Bart simpson sex game

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