Best online flash games reddit

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You're awesome for mentioning rebuild. This has been my favorite flash game for years. Ive actually talked to its creator, Sarah Northway, and she is a wonderful person too. I feel like people these days aren't as interested in flash games even though they are super fun. A recent great game I played was blind warrior. Basically a dark souls difficulty type game where you block and attack enemies based only on the sound they make.

Last stand was a large part of my childhood. God, I had forgotten about those games. Could you maybe provide some links? On mobile right now and some of those sound cool! I just got put underwater in a sunken ship My best, km off, worst.

Futilitris, a game like Tetris, but completely and utterly futile. It's like art. You cannot score, you cannot win, you cannot lose. You get frustrated, but it's too hypnotizing to leave.

Best online flash games reddit

It's worth a try at least once. Cookie Clicker: If you have not fallen down the rabbit hole that is cookie clicker, this is your lucky day. You click a cookie to get more cookies. If you have enough cookies, you can sell them to increase your rate of cookie production. After a while, you find yourself splitting cookie dough atoms to power your cookie spaceships to go to the cookie planet, and you find yourself corrupted by power, abandoning caution in the quest for infinite cookies.

Candy Box 2: One of the most delightful web games I've ever played.

Best online flash games reddit

It begins similar to cookie clicker, pressing buttons to obtain candies, but the more you play the more complex the adventure gets, no spoilers from me, though. You need to experience this for yourself. THis is my personal favorite. Skifree: A ski simulator from the olden days Seriously, it's a cool game. Peasant's Quest: A fun pixely adventure where you, a poor peasant, must gain revenge on the evil dragon? Trogdor the Burninator for burning down your thatched-roof cottage.

Lo of fun. You get to collect babies and burrito subs. The website it comes from is full of equally fun games, and a great flash animation series that honestly ended too soon. I still don't get it. Posted by 7 years ago. Other than Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

The hours I've put into Rebuild TIL everywhere looks like Kansas. People driving on the left? Sydney, Australia. This is so addicting for me Have fun out there! Peasant's Quest is ten years old. And awesome.

Best online flash games reddit

Futilitris why did i waste 30 minutes on that game?!? More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts april 10th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.

Best online flash games reddit

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