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Thankfully, they get an opportunity to move into big city and apply into a new experimental college. New live, new opportunities, and no oversight from an overprotective mom! And at the very end, an important event with Candy, who will finally get answers for many of her questions.

We tried to write down an informative quest log so no one gets lost. People have been waiting for Lisa to lose her v-card for multiple years. This time the events will be about Kate, Karen, and Nicolas. Overall, 0. As a reminder, it will be focused on Lisa, Ann, and a bit of Alice. The game should update itself automatically.

Turns out we missed a couple of images in 0. The link for the update version will be in the next post. We have two things to tell you about 0. First, despite February being the shortest month of the year, 0. One series of events is about extra lessons with Andrew while all the other classmates are dark silver games with P. The other one is all Kate being punished in her basement. Obviously, Karen and Nicolas will be involved. Kate can finally earn money on the villa New events with Nick and Julia in the basement Kate can now tan topless Extra scenes with sophie Reduced waiting time between implementing optional and the mandatory medical exams.

Removed an outdated line in of the old quests. Fixed a bug where sometimes Julia would bug Kate every night, even if Kate turns her down. The game was mistakenly updating the wrong cooldown, specifically one for the events with Nick and Julia. Now, when turned down, Julia will leave Kate alone for 7 to 14 days. Same goes to Julia and Nick inviting Kate to have fun together.

It used to have basically no cooldown and could possibly happen every day. Now if Kate turns someone down, the next event will have a days cooldown every character has their own cooldown, too. Now if Kate agrees to do stuff with Oscar, the next event will happen dark silver games 3 to 5 days. Now Max is more than a background decoration in the villa and Kate can now talk to him. The College committee quest becomes inactive once players complete all available content in it.

Same goes to the Cheerleading squad quest. Fixed many various bugs in the offline version of the game, as well as countless typos.

Dark silver games

After content from 0. These lessons is what this update is all about. The last event is going to be long and periodic, with several choices. At the end of the update Dark silver games is going to make an important decision which will affect future content.

These two mini events check what characters are present in the locker room, their stage of undressing, and has different angles. It took plenty of sprites and some new code, but it looks really nice. We also used this new code for other events, too. Cheerleading squad trials So, this is where the new events start. First you need to finish the old content related to the cheerleading squad. The last step was Karen catching Kate without wearing any underwear during the uniform checkup.

The quest log will have the hints to guide you along the way if you get lost. There are several unique new PE lessons where Angela will be talking about the new trials and earning points. You can see the of earned points in the change log, by the way. Go and check it out yourselves. All trials are completely optional. You can skip any of them or decide to do them at a later date. Every trial gives Kate an opportunity to earn points.

The will vary on her behavior. Some of them are periodic and can be repeated as much as possible. One of the trials involves a sex shop. For now it only sells one dark silver games, but it will increase its stock in the future. Doing the trials will lead to various people wanting to discuss them with Kate, so there are plenty of new dialogs, too. Including choices, it has steps. You can repeat the last trial to see the alternative option. But for now, you can ask Angela and make everyone forget the final trial so you can do it again. Or you can just save before asking Angela to set up the trial for the first time, if you want.

Dark silver games

Usually we try to release updates closer to the start of every month, but we had to delay this one for a bit since I had a mini vacation. The hotel got a new resident Neil. Unlike most characters in the game, Neil is an episodic character and his entire storyline starts and ends in 0. At some point in the story players will have an option to choose a long and pretty intense sex scene periodic, toowhich will also allow Kate to earn some money.

We have a similar system for 0. Now, about 0. A good chunk of the story beats will be really different from BB, hopefully for the better. Definitely sooner than this one. We will also try to post a lot more new images and news. Once you meet all requirements, the game will replace it with a traditional quest telling you about the next step. Home punishment system. If she skips that, she will have to be punished at home, and Julia will be happy to help Kate out.

Most of the update is related to the dark silver games, so this storyline has many steps and at some point will unlock the option for Kate to submit to Julia, Nick, or both. But when we add new events where Kate decides to change the rules of the game and try something else, we will add an option to undo the submission without having to replay the whole game. Random events in the basement. If Kate submits to Nick, once every couple of days Dark silver games and Julia will start having fun in the basement.

This is a series of events with the periodic event at the end. These new events will replace Nick and Julia events on the sofa watching TV when Kate returns from college. In order to see new events, Kate should stay in college until at least or, better yet, untiland then go home right away. New events with Sophie and Alice as long as Kate had sex with Alice at least once. In the future we will add an option to invite some characters to stay overnight.

Dark silver games

Added sounds to all locations. Please let us know if you find any issues. You can now name your save files. If you have multiple save files, keeping track on them should be much easier. We also increased the maximum saves from 10 to The main menu now displays information about the current version of the game on the server and your current access.

Hopefully, this will make more clear if you have the access to the latest version of the game. From now on you can close some interface menus like profile, inventory, and dark silver games log by pressing ESC. We will add this functionality for some other situations like canceling zooming in the pool in the villain some events, etc. We will be adding them in individual situations to make sure it makes sense and makes UI more accessible and intuitive. There was a lot of work put into October update so we could release it early.

The rest of the team will keep working on the game, so the development as a whole will still keep going. We decided not to end dialogs between Ann and Kira on a cliffhanger so we pushed them in one of the future updates. Now Max has a quest that will unlock an option to install hidden cameras all over house. For now you can just buy first three cameras on a sale and install them in the three rooms with most action. Spying through cameras is already implemented, even in the bathroom.

Online shop is now working. You can order a couple of new things like cameras once you unlock them. In house delivery. Funny girl with her own story, there will be more content with her both with Max and with Kate in the future. Max can order one on Epay and Sarah will deliver it. Peeking in the shower. Now Max can peek on Alice, Lisa, and Dark silver games through the window.

Dark silver games

Eventually Ann will announce the new punishment system. Lisa will be punished for failing grades, Alice for smoking, and Max for peeking. Max has an exception with two warning system. Spiders and Alice. She will run to Max for help. Ann had a change in schedule so now she does yoga about an hour before dinner. Max can and have lots of fun. They help with living up the game and adding atmosphere. For now all sounds are turned off, but we will turn them on in a couple of days. NPC mapping.

Dark silver games

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