Flash vore games

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Flash vore games

Flash submissions are emulated via Ruffle. Ruffle is currently in development and compatibility is not guaranteed. for more info. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. What a perfect title name. I can't exactly program for myself, but I have had a few cool ideas that I haven't seen in vore flash games that people might like to see.

Maybe it'll help that certain someone bring out the next big hit! In this way, scripters could potentially find ways to easily program a bulge to do things while the character is in action. Since many works nowadays require the pred to stop everything its doing to digest a prey through a pre-set animation, I'm not sure if many people are familiar with the Motion Tweening ideas I'm proposing.

Flash vore games

So just in case, here we go! Also, I don't have any OCs. Does Test Lizard qualify? This is great, this little animation video clearly shows how you have been working it all out and been really trying to make it happen, impressed and happy to see the idea of vore games still passionately pursued. It's very advanced and complicated for flash and is pretty much the best content rich vore RPG out there now. Hope you keep at this flash vore games work out how you can make a vore animation look great in flash in your own way. George link parent. Thanks for the kind response!

Really appreciate it. Anyway, yes, I have seen Barbftr before. I imagine ALL of the vore community on FA has heard of it at some point; it's that popular and for good reason; it's quite excellent! However, the way a vorish monster should act differs very greatly depending on whether it's an enemy character, or a player character. When an enemy monster devours the player, it makes the most sense from both an aesthetic and a gameplay de standpoint to have it remain in place as it does whatever to the player.

For aesthetic purposes, having the flash vore games not perform any other actions aside from belly squirms and digestion means that the player can focus and engage solely on that. In addition, since the monster doesn't need to perform any external actions, it means that its belly doesn't need any special programming to animate.

It can all just be made with pre-set animations, and that gives the animator much more liberty to make things look perfect. And for gameplay purposes, you don't want the monster wandering around with you in there because it would be obnoxious if it dropped you off at an undesirable point after successfully struggling to freedom.

A game where the pred stays in place works very well when that pred is an enemy, for the reasons stated above. But this doesn't work as well when the player is the one doing it. For this purpose, some of the aesthetic appeal has to be traded off for gameplay functionality. The gameplay purposes are very clear in this case; we can't have the player be forced to stay in place each time they fill up their belly. It would completely break the flow of the game, after all. The player needs to be able to keep their ability to play at all times of the game, no matter what.

Of course, one could impose balancing mechanics on such play, by, for example, reducing the speed stat of the player if their belly is very full. That's all up to the developer, but it's important to make sure the player is still able to play the game.

For these purposes, the aesthetics of the belly are going to take a hit. We want the player to act even when their belly is full, but all the while the belly needs to slosh around and digest things as the game carries on.

Flash vore games

As such, the belly needs to be a separate object attached to the rest of the player, controlled purely through coding and simple shapes and animations. As such, finding the perfect belly shape to help provide the most satisfying experience becomes very important and is the primary focus of this submission. Finding other ways to add aesthetic appeal also becomes important.

For example, giving the player the ability to stop and flash vore games their prey basically give them a way to manually turn into a stationary, Barbftr style monster would be a perfect addition. Utilizing tropes from other classic fetishes as part of the gameplay could be used to spice things up, too. Here are some examples from this submission: - Weight Gain: Test Lizard's Speed drops and Defense increases with a full belly.

Well, that was a lot of text. I'm probably going to be releasing a follow-up to this submission, showing how I would want to see a game like this play out, through animation. I guess look forward to that! The best application I could imagine for the type of Flash submissions you make is to add an extra 'layer' of 'struggling' that's hard to describe, but I mean when the prey is punching and kicking and causing all kinds of extraneous bulges to a full belly. For example, objects placed below the belly layers would look low, objects placed above them would look high, and these which are in-between layers would look like they're right in the middle.

I'm sure it could be used to create a greater illusion of depth. On that note, I'll also mention that your submissions are quite good. I love how they're put together! You can see it in that massive comment I left for sithious, but I would hold that those kinds of bulges aren't as useful for Barbftr monsters. When they devour something, they just sit there and start a belly-hold animation, flash vore games don't have to do anything else from there.

This means the belly doesn't need any special sub-actions, meaning you're at a much greater liberty to make that belly look really good through freeform shapes and shape tweening, without the need for the layering technique and alien shapes. It looks a lot better than scaling up and down a partially whole circle like I did, that's for sure. But it's a trade-off in aesthetic that's necessary for gameplay when the player is in control of these abilities. I keep assaulting you with walls of text.

OzyTheSquirrel Nothing link. I know there are far too few vore games where you get to play as the pred 3 I sort of dabbled working on what was to be the successor to barbftr but it never really got anywhere. However I did do a couple animationy things for it. Maybe I should those, hmmm. As well if ya serious about making ya own system he can give you some good pointers in the right direction for makign ya own games.

Flash vore games

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Flash vore games

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