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Dude, don't trust IGG. There is a reason they are listed as untrustworthy in CrackWatch. Dont listen to this guy. Have been downloading from both websites for years, only had problems with a few out of hundreds of games not working. reddit

IGG even have a "Game Request" feature where you can request a new game to be ed or already ed game to be updated. They are the always the fastest and best imo. BTW you dont really ever need to use hosts other than google drive unless its down. reddit

I use torrent from igg, installed Forza horizon 4 and it works fine. I have had no problems with IGG games and have been using it for over 3 years now. reddit

I heard they had some DRM scandal but it did not seem not have any effect. Always download via Google drive to mega, all the other sites have pop ups and fake download buttons. reddit

Are the sites gamestorrent. Posted by 2 years ago. reddit

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Are the sites and IGGGames trusted sites?