Incest patreon games

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Incest patreon games

Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Incest and Patreon from the start. Thread starter MrKnobb Start date Jan 9, MrKnobb Alternate Existence Donor. Game Developer. Aug 16, 2, 4, HI all Mainly directed at devs who's games have incest My next game wil have incest and it's actually critical that I have it in the story.

Incest patreon games

It's part of the story. Problem for me is to now change it for Patreon and still have it make sense using the dreaded Landlady shit. I'll refrain from using Landlady and find some other name I spoke to Wurg about this and he's given me some great advice. It seems I'll have to write almost two stories at the same time?

For those dev and modders whom have done this, what is the best approach when starting a New game. Some advice that will cut down on unnecessary work when doing the incest patch and doing the non incest version?

Incest patreon games

I have been reading this also So ill have to make a separate patch from the get go? Last edited: Jan 9, Nov 19, 2, For Sisterly Lust I had to implement the censoring of incest starting from the third version. So it refers to the characters as friends in the game when it isn't patched. That dynamic takes away all the taboo stuff of course, so those instances incest patreon games really make sense.

In real life nobody would bat an eye when you confess to have impregnated a friend of yours. My new project Tales From The Unending Void is more thoroughly thought out in many ways, including how to handle incest. In the vanilla version the sisters are actually childhood friends and the aunt is their mother. That will leave out some future scenes in the vanilla version, but that can't be helped.

So in essence I'm writing two branches for those passages. If you want to be absolutely safe you can use the code detailed in the thread you linked. Coding becomes much more complicated though, as you can't rely on simple variables you need to have ways of addressing the same character from different points of view.

As far as I know Patreon doesn't do code reviews and has never punished creators for having gated incest content in the codebase of the game yet. Parental Love goes another route and actually provides a patch with the ripped-out sexual content dealing with Ada.

That last route would be my choice if Patreon actually starts cracking down on hidden incest references in the code. Thx for reply. I am also thinking ill have to write two different version at the same time.

Incest patreon games

For instance. MC's father who's now his caretaker, his sister will look after MC for a while. Her daughters then later on MC will have a fling with. So i cant really have a 3 some with the daughters in vanilla version. This is the biggest part that worries me I can get around the other stuff, writing wise i feel. When you wrote from 3 version. I am trying to find which frame of mind i have to have when writing. Perverteer said:. MrKnobb said:. Reactions: woodyRepuci and MrKnobb. Thx exactly what i wanted to know Dec 13, 3, On other thing is. Respected Incest patreon games.

Jun 10, 5, 7, I spoke to Wurg about this and he's given me some great advice. When she asked me to take care of you, your mother trusted me to teach you the right values. I'm sure that having sex with you is part of this.

I'm your mother! Do you really thing that it's natural for a mother to have sex with her son? We will be something else, something more. Reactions: MrKnobb. Droid Productions [Love of Magic] Donor.

Incest patreon games

Dec 30, 3, 7, Why not just admit defeat and go SubscribeStar from the beginning? If you're in it for the incest, why screw around. This thread is already all the proof of wrongthink anyone will need. When it comes to Incest, Do, or do not. RTP is already on SubscribeStar and not much coming from that platform But I'll think about it thx Droid Productions said:.

Reactions: lyunusedname. Jan 20, Nov 7, This might not help. But most fetishes arent about that fetish. ACTUAL incest or even the desire to do it is pretty rare in our society, but in vn games it's pretty big.

Incest patreon games

That's because it's not about incest. And the games w incest where "young boy comes home from college to live w sister and mom! Those games fail over and over. It's about a: forbidden. Whereas a male and female meet they may fake it. ETC etcetc etc.

MOST fetishes arent about what people think they are. I know this because i studied it for a living purveying adult content. Celebrity fetishes are generally about "this celeb is this person in my head". BDSM is mostly about safety i think. The 'master' has no emotional risk because they completely control their subby. The subby takes no risk because the master pays hyperattention to them so theyre not taking emotional risk etc.

In adult "Amateur" is Huge to the point that adult companies produce "amateur" content. Thats because as a rule people dont want to watch a girl they just saw take 15 dudes a donkey and a baseball bat in another porn where shes miss innocent They want to see a woman who actually experiences Lust. In other words you can change the fetish around by using the same core incest patreon games. Room for Rent does this.

Theyre using the same core desires as incest, cuckold, cheating etc fetishes. The game Corruption has horrific art but it's a seduction ie corruption game and is very good.

Incest patreon games

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Incest and Patreon from the start