Interactive rape game

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To claim his reward Sir Makane stripped the king and the queen, and bid that they cavort with him in what figures three persons might arrange. He was a more vigorous companion to the queen than the king had ever been, and made the king know it; and he was a more vigorous companion to the king, and made the queen know it; interactive rape game force a knight uses is excessive.

It had not blinked at what it saw, and now it looked upon the knight. He was the most valorous knight, and the most chivalrous, and the most well beloved. You are a most expedient fellow, the reaper said. You overfilled my coffers in your life, and in your death I will assure your name rings loud and clear down the millennia. He floated into heaven where his soul was welcomed by a harem filled with nymphs and goddesses and satyrs muscular and horned, whose unquenchable appetites were equal only to his own. Meanwhile romances about him persisted on earth, and ball were composed for his exploits, and when anyone dreamt about a courtly knight with a rose at a balcony, the knight they dreamt about was SIR MAKANE.

Interactive rape game

Sir Makane's heart was mightier still, and his lust mightier, and without arms he plunged into his struggle with the beast, plunging into the beast in that struggle. Any spectators would have marveled at his stamina in addressing every opening, and at the force with which he drove his weapon home. A knight never impaled a monster more, nor pulled as many fiery outcries from its maw, until its fighting coils had gone lax and it could no more stir than an old dog installed before a kitchen hearth. It spread through every town and hamlet in the land.

Interactive rape game

Sir Makane's heart was mightier still. He took his sword in hand again and did do vicious battle with the beast, withstanding flames and poison claws and other attributes compiled from lesser creatures such as the lion, the giraffe, the serpent, and the porcupine into one horror that no history interactive rape game tell about: an accurate description would burn through the and scorch the scribe's fingers.

How much the more wonderful, then, was Sir Makane's triumphant deadly blow. For such a deprivation Sir Makane filleted the abbess just interactive rape game though she were a fish interactive rape game at a holy day supper. Her sister nuns he hacked into small pieces too, until the nunnery was painted crimson everywhere with virgin blood.

This may not sound like justice, but it was not justice that these gorgeous nuns hid from mankind, and Sir Makane dealt with them properly. Her nude form was more succulent than fruit. She cast a pleading gaze at Sir Makane. Sir Makane smote her head from her shoulders, and it was smitten far better than passing fair, with the blood gushing in such an excess that her sheep did imagine themselves in a rainstorm.

And this was a good victory, because it was accomplished by a knight. She must have been imprisoned for some time because she was a piteous sight with her body begrimed. Take mercy on me please, sir knight, she said. He cut her from her crown to her stomach before she had the chance to even bade him a good morn. It was a clean death, done without her knowledge that it had been done, which is the kindest death a man can give. Her palfrey was not spared either, although its neighing death was not as clean. What knight are you to slay my lady thus? I, who art a truer knight and pure, shall strike thee down!

One day as Sir Makane was laid beneath an apple tree a sunbeam struck his hand. He held a sword where no sword was before. Likewise a sunbeam struck his genitals and blessed his seed with great fecundity. From that moment onward he was the most glorious knight and could accomplish no deed that was wrong. No maiden more comely might have been found in poetry or song. How passing fair the weather is today, the maiden said.

Twas fortunate that Sir Makane was not deprived. Upon the chancel floor he took her holiest holy, and other nuns yielded their holies in diverse cloisters. Not one nun could rebuke his advances, and not one nun was left with her virtue, but with virtues tenfold increased from having pleasured such a gallant knight.

Rape, Pillage, Makane! He did not pass the maiden, but embraced her on the grass amidst her sheep. She was not one who could resist a knight, and none could have resisted Sir Makane, whose size was outmatched only by his strength. It did not take a minute for the knight to fall upon her in the flowerbed.

She was much overcome and Sir Makane came much with such a handsome lady for his bedfellow. His seed he spilt in copious amounts to plant more blossoms where the lady had picked them, wishing not to leave the meadow he had plowed fallow, which would have been unknightly and undutiful.

What knight are you to lay my lady thus? She needn't have pleaded with him, because he would have ravished her in any case. He dropped his armor to the ground and bound his naked form to hers, thrusting upon the slab until its stone surface was slick with sweat and fluids more divine. And such love had the princess never known, for no man wields his sword with a knight's expertise. It blew fire and raked the mountainside in a display to make the mightiest heart quake.

Interactive rape game

Her pleading gaze he answered with a gash across her eyes, driving his blade with force enough to cleave her skull and show the lobes therein, just as a pomegranate shows its pulp. He would not have desired her to perish in a baser way; far better to have been slain by a knight. What words they spoke had no import when flattery, above all other vices, most offends a knight, and Sir Makane replied by running through both rulers on their thrones. He had not committed a treason, because he served his sacred weapon first, and every learned person will agree upon the loyalty he shewed.

Mercy is what Sir Makane took when he put his sword into the peasant's throat for a scabbard, and when he pulled it out down came the crows to make themselves a feast. Death is a criminal's only mercy, as every knight knows well who calls himself a knight. This lady was without her chaperone, having taken the fancy to canter ahead, and had already woven a garland when Sir Makane discovered her in the blossoms.

Sir Makane clashed with the black knight, who was not true no matter what he said, and being false was destined to lose any knightly contest. His blade was like butter to Sir Makane's blade, and his armor was also butter, but his flesh was fine sirloin when Sir Makane's sword bit into its marrow depths. But Sir Makane was not afraid. He found shelter within a nunnery whose abbess had deprived the world great beauty with interactive rape game vows.

Both knights battled, but hardly had their battle raged when Sir Makane was hard, bent the black knight, and buggered him. In love as in war Sir Makane was stronger and to his opponent he would not grant any quarter. Such dominance left the black knight more battered than combat, and gave Sir Makane greater satisfaction. Sir Makane took her from behind instead.

She had been taken in such wise before, but no other traveler who took her had been named a interactive rape game and had some other perhaps been a knight, none could have pleased her as deeply as Sir Makane, because there was no knight as noble nor as attractive.

Interactive rape game

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