Japanese idol games

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Last week, a new Japanese tour that Mr. In addition to the theme japanese idol games attracts me, the posture of many giants behind the game is even more confusing. Will this bring a new trick to the fiercely competitive Japanese idol game category? So far, the answer is that it cannot.

Since the game was launched, it has ranked 27th on the Japanese App Store bestseller list. Although it once took the first place in the App Store free list for two consecutive days, the gold content of this list is too low, and the overall start is still slightly weak. On the one hand, its backstage determines that its derivative content has a very good quality and standard. Compared with the domestic involution in the broad concepts of industrialization, technology, and the two-dimensional, the Japanese idol game market is more vertical, with less space for maneuverability, and more detailed information on each link.

Idol theme is a common cross-media category in the ACG industry in Japan. The industrial chain involved can be said to be the broadest and most comprehensive, but its business logic is often very simple:. Relying on the content to generate emotional resonance with users, which can be transformed into belief in the concept of idols, and take the route of paying for belief.

Japanese idol games

Paying for faith has a higher emotional concentration than paying for love, so often this type of IP can be used for more than ten years and attract money for a long time. And audio games is an optimal solution that this big category has gradually explored in the process of gamification. On the one hand, audio games are not considered a niche category in Japan. They have a wide audience, high levels of play, and are affected by offline entertainment, and their user circle is very japanese idol games.

On the other hand, music is the kind of content carrier that is most likely to touch deep emotions, and it is the only way for idol IPs to shape their beliefs. To play good music, audio games cannot be avoided to a large extent. However, the de-sound tour has been the core proposition of Japanese idol games in the past two to three years. The superficial reason is that there are too many idol music games, the market space seems to be getting smaller and smaller, and the opportunities for new products are getting slimmer.

Japanese idol games

In other words, the problems that money can solve, as well as the problems that money cannot solve, are all in place in this game. Such as visual experience. The latter also incorporates the softer colors of the latter. Frankly speaking, this is a choice that is not overwhelming, but is enough to catch people, and the characters created are closer to the concept of idols. The game UI is a vertical layout, using left and right sliding to display different scenes, sliding up and down to switch the logic of detail display and main visual display, and then add a very large of UI special effects that emphasize vitality and dynamic: a variety of bright color combinations, high saturation Graphical style, japanese idol games flat processing, and partial transparency effects.

Even the card surface also adopts a processing method that emphasizes the 2D sense of plane, which separates the character and the background to present.

Japanese idol games

The third point is to dig deep into the expressiveness of 3D characters in multiple scenes outside of the performance. The 3D modeling of this game is very exquisite. If the hand model is handled more naturally, then the modeling can be scored full marks. Under the extremely high quality, it is particularly memory-intensive, but it is also particularly enjoyable. The reason is that the gameplay focuses on rapid development, which is slightly out of touch with the slow-paced experience of the plot; and the pure on-hook or even skip de of the 3D performance makes the original very high-quality performance effect lose the sense of ritual, which is difficult for people Sink in to receive the baptism.

Now it obviously needs to continue to expand its audience and allow new fans to settle in, but this is not entirely consistent with the result of the game de. To what extent must the competition in this vertical category be so fierce that a new project has to abandon the classic core gameplay? Because LL is the first person to eat crabs in the field of Japanese idol music games, and its fire also has a certain dark horse effect.

It is mainly facing a blank market, and competition can lead to inward roll. Moreover, in the field of Japanese mobile games, the fiercest competition in resource investment, technical art, industrial chain and other aspects is also the idol audio game category after CGSS japanese idol games launched in After LL mobile games put the market of idol audio games in front of everyone, Bandai Namco may be the most worrying one.

After all, the latter has been in the field of idols for a long time, and has cultivated multiple sub-IPs of the idol master series before and after, LL players. The impact of travel on the market may japanese idol games most affected by the idol master series of Bandai Namco. Cygames Cy is very good at art, and the methodology of using art to influence user appeals. Cinderella itself is also a project with labeling mass production idols and expanding coverage as the core logic.

This quality was almost overwhelming in the market at the time. After CGSS was launched init quickly became the top echelon of the best-selling list and reached the top in Currently, the global download volume exceeds 25 million. Instead, at the end ofhe took this project to find the new game development company Craft Egg under CA and only established in May Its main theme of girl bands is different from pure idols to a certain extent. The genre and lines of the game do not use typical idol styles on a large scale, and as the most gimmicky selling point, the voice actors who dub the game, how many They can also play musical instruments, and even voice actors can directly form a group to perform offline.

This highly stylized tone allowed Bangbang to enter the market smoothly after its launch in March Although the gameplay is partial to traditional down-type audio games, only some sliding keys are added, but the overall stability is not lacking in challenges. Almost caught a group of players in the core circle.

Today, this product is also a frequent visitor to the top echelon of the best-selling list, has also taken the top spot, and has accumulated 20 million downlo. Stage performance is basically the field that all japanese idol games audio games after CGSS will try.

Some are made as standard in the game, some are made into a special PV in the game, and some are mainly used for promotion outside the game. Stage performance is a very complex knowledge, especially in terms of expressiveness, including the most basic dance moves motion capturestage scenes environment modeling to enhance the stylized look and feel, lighting and special effects light and shadow, Volume fog, etc. The focus of MLTD is the expression method that emphasizes the sense of atmosphere, such as mirror movement.

Its modeling accuracy is not the highest level about 10, faces for a single characterbut it can be emphasized through lens language, dance moves, positioning, and high quality. The music of artistic conception, to present a very contagious realistic stage performance. This approach is a lot of experience. After MLTD, the basic new products are not digging deep on the stage of realism. Most of them are done, and this long-term road is also difficult to go. Meaning, the repetitive techniques began to increase.

At the same time, choosing a more detailed and in-depth entry point also means that the user plate of this product is difficult to break the circle. Compared with the products, its comprehensive score is also much lower, but it can still regularly enter and exit the best-selling list.

Top The idol music game developed tobut it was actually a bit unmovable. Officially launched. And the most unexpected thing is that the first person to eat a crab actually chose to abandon this crab in weakening the sound gameplay. This time, Bushido and KLab collaborated again.

The game took over members of the LL japanese idol games for multiple periods, and the content processing even took into the reason for the early popularity of LL: female users. And the 3D stage effects of the game have also tried different stylized performances, and the accuracy is not low. The overall goal is obviously to reproduce the popularity of LL back then.

Japanese idol games

However, when weakening the sound gameplay, LLAS did not do it too simply, and did not dare to completely abandon the choice of sound gameplay, so that this product made a seemingly confusing gameplay that seems to be a real RPG game, which blocked a part of it. A powerful player. Beforethe high position of the product was in the top 10 best-selling category, but after entering this year, this product will no longer be available. Entered the top 10 best-selling. In the de of the world view, PJSK did not emphasize idol elements, but grasped the essence of Hatsune becoming the spiritual sustenance of many music lovers, and made strong emotional resonance.

In the opening few minutes, the favorite taste of the old fans was directly presented. Released, while ensuring the coexistence of Hatsune fans and character fans. Finally, the gameplay relies on the highly variable chart, which increases the depth of the game and the expressiveness of the chart, and eats the core circle, old fans, japanese idol games new fans in one breath. Now this product has successfully become a popular Top 10 frequent customer, it is very rare to resist the fierce competition of idol audio games, and hit a market. With the gamification plan, it can be said that Bushido has a clear idea and is to make games.

A year and a half later, the D4DJ mobile game was officially launched, and this time it changed to another developer Donuts. The big framework used in the game is actually similar to Bangbang, but at the level of in-game play, based on the drop-down audio gameplay, a lot of special keys have been added to restore the DJ-style music gameplay.

Japanese idol games

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Japanese idol game, finally the core gameplay “volume” is gone