Masculine mystique game

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Some are very similar in content to my project, others less so, but chances are decent you might enjoy them as well. Fair warning: many of them feature or even focus on gender change mechanics, because most of them come from the tfgamessite.

First off, both Masculine Mystique and Trap Quest linked in my sidebar continue to see occasional updates. Masculine Mystique is very likely to appeal to people who enjoyed my mod since there is a ton of very exciting player-as-submissive content in there, although the gender change theme might be offputting to some. Really stellar writing, though, and masculine mystique game a ton of content available to explore in the many branching paths that are available.

Edit: Do read the introductory warnings carefully, though — there is a decent amount of content other than the gender change theme that some players might find triggering or unpleasant. Trap Quest also can feature a gender change mechanic, although you can either disable it or start as a woman. Incidentally, I found myself curious about how Inform games work and convinced the author to let me take a look at the code.

Unplanned is your standard story of a boy and a girl who have sex on a magic altar that swaps their genitalia. Night Games is an arena sex combat game. For now the only option is to be a male protagonist engaging in sex combat with a group of women, but more options might appear as the game develops. Also, while playing well certainly ends up being a player-as-dominant experience, one can certainly tailor their experience by artificially limiting themselves in various ways.

Sugar Daddy returns us to the world of gender change games.

Masculine mystique game

Like Unplanned, this one is still very early in development, and is off to a very sexy start. To begin with, it trades on abusing your childhood memories.

Masculine mystique game

Now, on to the sadder portion of the list: very interesting and exciting starts to games that like mine seem to be on indefinite hold. Paladin is the story of a female, well, paladin who is fighting her way into the lair of a powerful witch doctor. Determined is another story of a warrior in a high fantasy setting, although this one is a gender change scenario. Ghost Princess is also a high fantasy warrior gender change story — hey, when a formula works, it works — but with a lot more promise of player-as-submissive content masculine mystique game Determined.

This one is extremely exciting to me, and there does still seem to be some hope of continued development the author was commenting on the discussion thread as recently as a few weeks ago. Definitely give this one a go and let the author know if you like it too! Finally, Breaking Me is a game that was being developed over in the Hypnopics Collective community, which means it has a strong mind control theme. It also has some thematic similarities to my project, in that it features the player being captured and trained to be a sex slave.

Regardless, the list as is should be sufficiently entertaining for now.

Masculine mystique game

Well written and expansive it may be, but it is not for the faint of heart. He does a very good job of warning the player of these things before the game starts, though, since he has no desire to ambush anyone with content that would make them uncomfortable. Become an angel? A demon?

Masculine mystique game

Lots of transformation, gender or otherwise. Incomplete masculine mystique game impressive amount of content and well written. I have actually tried Apotheosis, and there is definitely some good fun to be had there. I did feel like it felt a bit schizophrenic at times — understandable, though, since I think it was a collaboration between a few authors. Thanks for the recs. And since I like anwsering rec with other recs. Both of them have a lot of understanding what bdsm is all about and are having fun with it.

The news could be better, but it is, if nothing else, a starting point. Thanks for taking the time to rec games, Trap Quest sounds like something I might like. Thank you for the recommendations! Happy to hear it! Would you mind releasing the code of what you have so far?

To the point where I would end up playing for a few hours without noticing. Hope you do update it though, not losing hope on this. Totally going for what Castor proposed, would it be ok if you release the code with a certain limitation? There are many of us who loved the story and concept and would like to see this gets further expanded. The real issue was always the writing. So this puts me in an odd place. Which could be a month from now… or a lot longer.

Masculine mystique game

Not going to commit to a time table there. The parts I enjoyed about CoCPrison were the writing, the systematic demeaning, how mistress elly laid traps for your libido and mouth. I played through again recently, and it was just so …. The endure-collapse treatment at L3, and then. I care less about the stats than the writing! I just want to share more of your glorious story with you. You really have a mind masculine mystique game domination and sexy manipulation. Instead, i think you are looking at it the wrong way.

Just some stuff to think of! The trouble is the investment of time and energy required to do the writing at quality level we were aiming for. It was only as the project progressed that I realized how invested I was becoming in the placeholder text I was writing to demonstrate how the tools I was building could be used, and then it shifted ultimately to just being a writing project for myself.

Its like, its visibile to me how much of your writing could be flow-chart based. One thing le to another, or a branch here based on a decision or a firm no instead of blissful acceptance. At that point its like, why force it into the constraints of a game? She has lots and lots of fans like me! I also really enjoyed this mod and hope there is more to come.

I think you and the visitors to the blog would enjoy it.

Masculine mystique game

Hey Ataraxia that game is awesome! Thx for the Rex. Hey just commenting to say that today the whole prisoner mod has been entirely readded in the revamp mod latest snapshot. Full release should be out soon. How do you engage the prison in the latest build? Tried wandering the desert for over an hour, never found the caravan… thanks! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Masculine mystique game. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via.

Notify me of new posts via. Next, a few games that are new to me that are being much more actively developed. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Thanks for the recommendation of Unplanned. It can feel more like a collection of largely unrelated stories than a coherent narrative. I never truly gave up! Nice to see you back here! Out of curiosity, What is it that takes up most of your time feif?

Masculine mystique game

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