Otherworld sex game

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Assistants are your helper when training girls. They can be ased for various tasks involving your slave's training. Currently there are only 4 starter assistants: Angel, Fairy, Lamia, and Neko. There is also a fifth assistant that is only available for hire after the game started: Mugi. They are different in appearance and since January they differ by their teaching procifiencies. When you start the game, you only have 1 assistant, more can be purchased at the Lounge inside Guild Hall after you have upgraded your home, each master bedroom allows you to have one more assistant.

Why this divine angel has chosen to follow you around is a mystery, and sometimes a rather annoying one. She is more than happy to help in most religious actions, though she will take no part in any evil actions. She is, however, quite interested in sex, a thing you would not expect. Her model is Flonne from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Yea, it is written that while the righteous shall be raised on high in the afterlife, the unrightous will get a punch on the nose, right nowif they don't stop being mean to that poor girl! A fairy you nursed to health after she was injured by poachers.

Able to change her size at will, she spends most of the time in otherworld sex game small size exploring cracks and niches for treasure. Her model is Cirno from Touhou Project. Considered one of the monster races that inhabit the pit. You happened to meet this one when she was just and being attacked by drunks. Through your wits you saved her life. For years now you have been friends and lovers.

Otherworld sex game

She is an excellent guard around the house and is feared by all the slaves. She does not like to leave the residence. I'm sorry darling, but this simply will not do. I can't say I much care for the gods, and none of the ones I have met have very much cared for me. The last thing I want to do is to teach some young flibberty-gibbet how to better attract their attention. A cat girl you befriended through food. She is very lazy and won't leave the house in most situations. Is it new toy for neko? Neko wants to play with it. An assistant that you can only hire through the lounge in the guild hall.

She is not available as starter assistant.

Otherworld sex game

Her model is Tsumugi Kotobuki from the anime K-On! All assistants have the same set of actions that they can perform with your slaves these actions are:. Note that sometimes your assistants might disregard your orders and just relax with otherworld sex game slave, presumably this will stop happening when the assistant's loyalty increases. One way to increase loyalty is to gift appropriate items to them by clicking their image, then the items tab, and selecting the desired item.

Different assistants prefer different gifts for higher increases in loyalty, but accept nearly anything. It is possible to find proper gifts by looking around the stores in Main Street. Another way to increase the loyalty and affection of an assistant is by talking with the assistant.

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Otherworld sex game

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Otherworld sex game

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