Sonic sexgames

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Sonic sexgames

Rate the game: 5 4 3 2 1. The worst Sonic's enemy Eggman has found a lost magical artifact in Emerald Hill. It's a diamond that is able to transform a man into a woman. The villain decided to test it on Sonic converting him to a busty pornstar :. Game loading.

Sonic sexgames

Hide this guide. Name: Register Your Comment:. Aaliyah How do I get in. Mattproaso como agarro la esmeralda 4. Sadique Let me fuck fortnite girls. Jonny Fuck offf. Sonic sexgames Peach is gorgeous as fuck! Josh Allen Williamson Sex is the best.

Nam Khan Please help I'm interested. Luong Ngo huu luong. Nishana This game is fucking funny. Anonymous For those that are wanting that final chaos emerald, I know how to get shadow You need to have Rouge outfit on than whistle at him than click his lips. BreadBreaker Nice game Milanor 2 touch boobs or mouth 3 touch all 4 in eggman room touch boobs whit the first dress 5 dress sonic like "Tikal the Hechidna" and go chaos roomtouch boobs 6 go to tails roomdress like "Cream " kiss and touch boobs 7 just use imagination. Makayla How do i fuck knuckles?

Blackhook9 I love sonic xx. Rtank00 hot girls text this sonic sexgames Cancer All this for a blowjob? The fuck am I doing with my time Someone 1st crystal: nothing, it's given 2nd and 3rd: click boobs, lips and vag 4th: Go to scary looking map xD put on pirate outfit and press boobs 5th: 4th outfit, fourth hair, 2nd map, hold boobs for 5 seconds 6th: attract them Special segment: Bedroom, strip, click vag.

Horny-Bitch too long to load. Silver why isn't silver never in those games? McSwag how do i get the fifth gem? Anonymous in the fourth emerald to get it you need to squeeze sonics tits ithe chao room hold on when squeezing her tits thought.

Sonic sexgames

Waltinator Load totally wrth it, I hope. Duke Nukem lolzlozlzlolzozlkcfjdg. Niddaly Gosh I love porn. Duke Nukem i beat it. Duke Nukem this is way to ez. Duke Nukem lolololololololololololololololololololol. Duke Nukem ????????????????? Duke Nukem y da fuck does this take so long 2 load. Anonymous Special Segment doesn't work! NoNo how to get 6 gem? Chats cool game and very vulgar. Arzithius The sex scenes were pretty good Answer to chao feeding Dress in the cream dress and hold the mouse n her boobs. Troll cant get pass level Anonymous wtf how do you attract the dam friends???

Serchh after one hour i finish it. Anonymous how do you get tails attention? Anonymous "Eggman" will always and forever be Robotnik to me his name is Robotnik in the original games. It's a lot more sinister than "Eggman". Anonymous nice who whats to have sex. Anonymous 1. Anonymous I made it sonic sexgames.

Anonymous palmerss hotmail. Anonymous they should have had a futanari attatchment for sonic. Anonymous how to get sixth gem. Anonymous How do I work the button? Anonymous sonic sexgames do you get the fourth gem? Special Segment go to bedroom, undress, click pussy, click special segment. Sixth Emerald can be any of three character options, click a background, wear dress from forth row that keeps attention when you whistle, click pussy lips or boobs to bring friend to your side.

Hard Dick nice gave me big boner. Tobo69 Awesome game! Yay I Finished This Game. Five Stage Plz how do you unlock this stupid stage. Anonymous The fifth gem how. Lust Can't wait for the sequel! Gregga It's not letting me post anything. Anonymous how do you unlock the fourth fucking gem. Tom Someone can describe it accurately acquire the fifth emerald? IrenneBaby not bad once I eventually figured it out CassyLove Took me a bit to get the hang of the button in the sex scenes.

Kinda hot. Madlord Click on her pussy in the bedroom sonic sexgames get the last gem and unlock the special scene. Use heart outfit and then kiss for Shadow. Use Orange outfit and then tits for Tails. Use rightmost outfit on the fourth row and then pussy for Knuckles. Each have different scenes. Your hairstyle doesn't matter for anything. Also, you can make her lactate by squeezing her tits with Metal Sonic for a bit while she is naked. CrazyCharles69 check my profile.

Celeste How do you get the last emerald? I just wanna know. Your tits are fucking nice! It got me kinda wet. JJ How do I get the fifth gem? How do I get the fifth gem? Boobs Awesome game! Hoping for a sequel, like with more options and characters. Maybe Rouge, Amy, and Cream can be partners?

Tits Anyone can help me with the gem 6? Rahan can someone help me with the fifth gem Babara How do I get the fifth gem? Anonymous where is the gem 5?

Sonic sexgames

Anonymous How do you get the Chao one? Anonymous How I get the gem 3? Help me where is the gem 5? I know to get knukles to follow you put on rouge outfit and click your pussy to get shadow to follow you put on amy outfit and kiss to get tails to follow you put on cream outfit and click boobs. Cassidy Not sonic sexgames bad if you unlock all the sex scenes. Kevin91 How I can unlock the last gem I know you need to whistle but what outfits and hairstyle i need? Anonymous whwere is the 5 gem?? Dreidz Nice. I loved the story at the end egghead's plan to vanquish Sonic. Pretty Clever.

Talk to me, I want to know you more.

Sonic sexgames

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