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Return to Other sexy games. Open a thread in this section is reserved for active members, read the rules before submit a game. Post a reply. Snip Anyone played it yet? I normally pony up for Members games on VDate, but I was figuring on waiting until the next Academy episode is out to renew my membership so I can grab multiple games at once. I am wondering if it's worth it to pony up now even though it's more than a month until the next Members release. Your name isn't Chaotic, sir.

Don't post links to paid stuff unless your the author. Thanks Skelaturi. Re: Anna by Mr Stomper on Vdategames by evilgrim » Sun, 16Sep25 I have played a fair few timesits a good game but quite hard in some ways and can get a little frustratingif i was you i would save your money and wait for the next release of Academythen you vdategames anna walkthrough have two good games to play.

Re: Anna by Mr Stomper on Vdategames by sylakone2 » Sun, 16Sep25 evilgrim wrote: I have played a fair few timesits a good game but quite hard in some ways and can get a little frustratingif i was you i would save your money and wait for the next release of Academythen you will have two good games to play. More posts are deleted than get a few comments. Re: Anna by Mr Stomper on Vdategames by FedoraMan » Sun, 16Sep25 Any indication of how many points are possible at each checkpoint, or what point total is needed to get to certain stages?

Vdategames anna walkthrough

It's nice being able to play again from checkpoints, but as it stands I don't know how many times I need to keep trying to get a higher score on the earlier checkpoints in order to have enough points at the end. The board description says "free". Any link, by anyone, pointing to pay site will almost certainly be taken down. Especially when it appears their primary reason for posting is to generate an income. I'm guessing your post violated one of the above. It's the rules that are the problem. These forums are nearly useless anymore. The exact opposite seems to be the rule today.

Put yourself in Shark 's place. You bore the expanse of maintaining a site, while offering free games to your followers. Everything went smoothly for many vdategames anna walkthrough years. But slowly, over time, more and more membersadd a link to their pay site, and are never seen again unless, their post needs an updated link, or they offer an additional pay to play game Something has to give. I'm reasonably sure, if you or anyone wishes to pay Shark for the privilege of advertising here, the two of you can arrive at a per month figure!

All United States authors do report the income from their pay site on their taxes; right? Trucla If a guy is hungry, don't feed him! Just offer a fishing rod and teach him fishing! He continues to produce some of the finest quality games in the genre and allows everyone to play them without paying him a single penny, unlike other established names who now want us to pay the full price for everything, whether we're ing their "club" for the first time or just renewing a membership to play their most recent game. Shark's also set up the lagoon in a way where anyone who has found a good free game including new developers can post the link on this board to increase awareness and get feedback.

Developers can also used Shark's site to ask for advice, etc. Hopefully this will encourage more people to enter the scene and give us more and better games to play in future. I fully vdategames anna walkthrough why Shark doesn't want people to make it too easy to advertise games on other pay sites, but we all know how to find vdategames, Chaotic and the others, and Shark seems content for now to let us continue to refer to other paid games as long as we don't include a direct link.

Only the links have been removed from this thread, not the entire thread including the actual title of the game So why are people complaining? Is it really too much of an effort to use a search engine? I make the Lagoon my first point of call because I want to know whenever Shark's released a new game but also because this board is a great place to find about what else is going on, without having to wade through all those awful sites full ofdead links, diverts, popups and who-knows-what. I'd certainly miss this site if Shark decided to stop supporting it.

My advice is not to bite the hand that feeds you. Re: Anna by Mr Stomper on Vdategames by muttdoggy » Wed, 16Sep28 FedoraMan wrote: Any indication of how many points are possible at each checkpoint, or what point total is needed to get to certain stages? The goal should be getting invited inside her apartment.

Vdategames anna walkthrough

There's several scenes available. The best route I've seen is to choose normal difficulty. Aim for INF points for helping her with boxes then invite her to your apartment vdategames anna walkthrough a drink. Make her comfy, give her beer, touch her knee, leg, other leg, shoulder, then grab her leg to wake her up. You automatically get a dildo. Tell her you you want to date her without moving boxes. Kiss her on the cheek before she leaves. Get her a drink as a gift. Take her to to the restaurant. Choose to drink wine then pick 1 for appetizer and 2 for dinner.

Ask about favorite place, tell her you prefer city and why does she like nature? Ask about her job, ask why not, and tell you'll help her with oral skills. Tell her you'll go to the club but first let's go to the movies. Choose Horror.

Middle of movie, put your arm around her use tab to find spotssneak a peek, then kiss her. Tell her you enjoyed the movie. At the club, keep your eyes on Anna. Order wine. Pick the right conversation options may need to reload checkpoint to reveal that she likes girls raises lust. Dance with her, get closer, grab her waist, kiss her, keep kissing her, turn her around, kiss her neck easy to missgrab her breast, pull her in, squeeze nipple use tab to find itetc.

When leaving club, give the waitress a nice tip and suggest going to the park. At the park, sit on the bench, admire her, kiss her, kiss her neck, and say she is beautiful in the light. Offer to take pictures with her cell. Choose tits or ass and act like a caring photographer. The last photo has an area you can zoom on. After that photo, state that you're done. She will respond that she needs to go home. Ask about sex in nature and go to her apartment. Say you'd like to go inside and ask to drink to her new apartment.

Ask about music, look into her eyes, kiss her, touch her leg, kiss her neck, kiss her again, and the rest is for you to find out! This scene is worth repeating the checkpoint over and over. Re: Anna by Mr Stomper on Vdategames by Ing » Thu, 16Sep29 muttdoggy wrote: FedoraMan wrote: Any vdategames anna walkthrough of how many points are possible at each checkpoint, or what point total is needed to get to certain stages?

Getting influence and lust up were really not difficult tasks, although you had to try different routes and see what worked better, all in all it was manageable and funny. This up to the end of the game where there is really no way to finish it unless you know the right tricks to get there. The story doesn't give you any clue about where you messed up and I can say you can get there and not be able to finish the game without messing up at all.

What makes the difference are very small details, choices you made a lot earlier in the game which are the right ones without any good reason. To find out I first of all had to read the code of the game and see what was required to get through the final scene. I found out the real key variable is neither influence nor lust, it's having Anna stone drunk at the end. So, not wanting to spoil myself even more I tried every path many times to find out the way to get her as much drunk as possible during the date, finding out it was impossible to achieve that result too.

So, my next guess was I had to replace my good gift one of those giving you influence with an alchoolic gift and drink that when we were back at her apartment. But, again, after following through this whole path, I found out we wouldn't be able to drink because we were still looking for wine and unable to simply vdategames anna walkthrough there was the gift we could drink. After even more reverse engineering cause I didn't find a walkthrough around I found out that it was not possible to drink at that stage but you could drink just when you were entering her apartment but only if she was drunk, but not too much drunk, and if you bought the very exact required bottle as a gift.

Vdategames anna walkthrough

Any other bottle and you can't finish the game. All of this at normal difficulty level btw, there were no hints about the difference in the difficulty levels in the game, something you would expect to make a good choice.

So I ended up being annoyed, realizing I couldn't finish it without cheating by looking for a good walkthrough or inspecting the code, or trying every possible combinations for hours and hours and that would be very boring. Would you think you had to buy the right bottle to finish the game and try each and everyone? I wouldn't, it's not funny repeating the same thing over and over and checkpoints don't help you at all.

Vdategames anna walkthrough Vdategames anna walkthrough

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